Demola Latvia is an innovation co-creation program for ambitious students and companies

By working with the brightest students, Demola Latvia helps companies create future-proof solutions. Our previous track record proves that our program works. Are you ready to try it?

What is Demola Latvia?

DEMOLA Latvia is an innovation platform under the umbrella of Riga Technical University and the University of Latvia. We cooperate with companies who submit challenges to be solved within our 12 weeks intense design thinking process by the most talented students who study in Latvia. At the end of the program, the company receives a solution or research of the specific challenge, developed by a multidisciplinary team of 5 students.
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Demola process
A company submits a challenge
The company or organization submits a challenge to Demola Latvia, which they would like the student team to work on.
Selection process
Students can apply to solve the given challenges. Demola Latvia creates an interdisciplinary team of students from different Latvian universities. On average, five students compete for one place in the team.
12-week intense work
Using the design thinking approach, each team will work for intense 12 weeks to solve the given challenge. The team receives a mentor, a budget for prototyping, and guidance from a facilitator.
A solution developed by students
At the end of the season, the student team presents the
solution they have created. If the company likes the solution, they can purchase it from the team and implement in real-life.

Demola Latvia in Numbers

Students have participated
Graphical user interfaces (GUIs)
Maxima Latvia
In order to ensure the availability of a full range of products on stores shelves, the daily processing and analysis of large amounts of initial data need to be carried out. It is necessary to develop a "user-friendly" data processing tool to perform this work effectively.
A new user interface (GUI) was developed for the file in which MAXIMA employees perform data analysis, and it was automated. VBA code was created that updates the data in an excel file without user assistance, as well as new panels/pages were created that summarized previously scattered information and presented in a more attractive and interactive way.
A tool for preventive forecasting of the spread of petroleum product odors
Ltd. Ventspils Nafta Termināls
The current monitoring system (e-nose) does not provide a timely response, as the emission/odor cloud is already outside the area when the e-nose gives a warning signal and it depends more on the luck of how quickly this cloud will disperse.
The solution we want to implement is an IT tool which by entering information about the technological operations and its parameters (product, location, etc.) and meteorological information would then process data and would provide operators with forecast and visualization of the possible concentration of emission cloud, its direction. In an ideal case, it would provide the recommended loading speeds. The use of such a tool would enable us to timely prevent the spread of the beyond the VNT territory. The IT tool should be able to process data from several operations that are performed simultaneously at VNT territory.
A WEB application was created that displays real-time weather conditions in the VNT area. You can enter the intended action and see how the odor cloud will spread by performing that action at that time.
Don't live single
Entrepreneur Oskars Priede
This DEMOLA task has been set by entrepreneur Oskars Priede.
Oskars is one of the most recognizable presentation skills coaches in Latvia, who consults companies and individuals on a daily basis about creating influential and effective presentations and public speaking. He believes that in Latvia (and potentially in the region) a dating platform can be introduced, where the single people are presented at a highly professional level, ensuring the selection of high-quality candidates for the client, thus promoting the emergence of more successful and happy unions.
The Zephir brand, website, and mobile application were created as a new dating solution, and the advertising campaign attracted about 100 people who want to use this solution.
Ready to join the next Demola season?
Companies are invited to submit their projects to participate in the Spring 2022 season, which will be held from February to June 2022.
For four months teams of students will work on a challenge given by companies trying their forces in real industry challenges while still studying. At the end of the program, the company receives a solution or research of the specific challenge, developed by a multidisciplinary team of 5 students.

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