DEMOLA Latvia is an international innovation challenge platform uniting students and leading brands of the country.
DEMOLA Latvia is an innovation platform under the umbrella of Riga Technical University and the University of Latvia. We cooperate with companies who submit challenges to be solved within our 12-week intense design thinking process by the most talented students who study in Latvia. At the end of the program, the company receives a solution or research of the specific challenge, developed by a multidisciplinary team of 5 students.

Demola was first introduced in Latvia in 2014 after a visit of the university and business representatives to Finland. During the first years of Demola Latvia, it was lead by IT Cluster (till 2017) and supported by the Ministry of Economics and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.
In 2017, IT Cluster transferred the ownership of Demola Latvia to Riga Technical University and the University of Latvia.
Since 2019 Demola is supported by ERDF under "Student innovation grants programme".
Demola Latvia in numbers
7 years
Demola Latvia was founded in 2014 and since then we are always in progress.
609 students
Number of students who have participated in Demola Latvia
116 companies
Number of companies who have trusted in Demola Latvia
13 seasons
Since 2014, there have been 13 amazing Demola seasons held
DEMOLA Latvia team
The DEMOLA Latvia team consists of smart and talented industry professionals who work so that cooperation companies meet young people with great ideas, talents and ambitions to solve specific challenges.
Līva Stūrmane
Coordinator / Facilitator / Partner relationships lead
Toms Mūrnieks
Facilitator / Technical expert
Signe Adamoviča
Facilitator / Workshop lead
Mikus Losāns
Facilitator / Student recruitment lead
Gundars Miezītis
Facilitator / Prototyping lead
Sofija Katerīna Jākobsone
Facilitator / Product Designer
Kārlis Kivlenieks
Facilitator / IT expert
Madara Zaikovska
Project manager of RTU Inovāciju granti studentiem
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E-mail: liva.sturmane@rtu.lv
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