Demola Latvia is an innovation co-creation program for ambitious students and companies

By working with the brightest students, Demola Latvia helps companies create future-proof solutions. Our previous track record proves that our program works. Are you ready to try it?

What is Demola Latvia?

DEMOLA Latvia is an innovation platform under the umbrella of Riga Technical University. We cooperate with companies who submit challenges to be solved within our 12 weeks intense design thinking process by the most talented students who study in Latvia.
Demola process
A company submits a challenge
The company or organization submits a challenge to Demola Latvia, which they would like the student team to work on.
Selection process
Students can apply to solve the given challenges. Demola Latvia creates an interdisciplinary team of students from different Latvian universities. On average, five students compete for one place in the team.
12-week intense work
Using the design thinking approach, each team will work for intense 12 weeks to solve the given challenge. The team receives a mentor, a budget for prototyping, and guidance from a facilitator.
A solution developed by students
At the end of the season, the student team presents the
solution they have created. If the company likes the solution, they can purchase it from the team and implement in real-life.

Demola Latvia in Numbers

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Success stories from previous seasons

Ready to join the next Demola season?
Companies are invited to contact Demola about the upcoming events.
For four months teams of students will work on a challenge given by companies trying their forces in real industry challenges while still studying. At the end of the program, the company receives a solution or research of the specific challenge, developed by a multidisciplinary team of 5 students.

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    Demola is a great experience for any student wishing to make new contacts, gain experience, witness design thinking methodology and work on real industry cases. Don't miss your chance to be a part of the Demola community.
    Līva Stūrmane,
    Demola Latvia Coordinator