We are happy to introduce you to Demola in Latvia cases for autumn 2020 season.

You can see all of them and most importantly apply here: https://applications.demola.net/? location=latvia
VIDEO TUTORIAL FOR APLICATION: https://www.loom.com/share/ e756e29db77a48fd96ac25bc4a6ce67d

Don't forget to fill in all the necessary fields!
The application deadline is October 4th.

Everyone can apply
Students from any program, field, and from any university can apply.

DEMOLA Latvia is a program in which student teams solve real tasks submitted by Latvian companies, as a result of which in some cases they are also implemented in practice. Students can apply for the program individually from any university in Latvia. An interdisciplinary student team is formed within the program.

The program lasts 4 months (October – January).

DEMOLA Latvia activity takes place in ERDF co-financed project No. Within the framework of the implementation of "RTU Innovation Grants for Students".

Who can get scholarship?
1) In statement certifying the status of student have to be that the average mark in last semester or highs school is up to 5 and you have no study failure.
2) Have Latvian personal code and for Erasmus students a statement from The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs as a proof.
3) Bank account in Latvian bank

When will we start?
There will be two part evaluation. First by reading applications and the second round on 7th of October during day. On 5th and 6th of October be ready torecieve results if you passed the first round and have been invited to the second round on 7th if October 15:00 and 18:00.

The Kick-off event will be on October 14th, before that you will get a call if you will get into second round of application.or an email from us about your application.

Why should You apply?
You will meet new people and make strong connections for future with people from well-known companies.

Remember, in DEMOLA you will work on real-life challenge provided by partner organization so this won't be just a theoretical task from textbooks. Each team get additional support funding that can be spent on deeper research and event to built something.

YOU can be from any Latvian education institution and study level;
YOU can be Erasmus+ student , project ends on December;
YOU can enjoy the process of learning by doing.

Where to see newest information?
Follow our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Demola.Latvia

Apply to Fall 2020 season here: https://applications.demola.net/?location= latvia

In case of questions feel free to ask me,
Līga Jupatova
+371 22304899