Demola helps to develop and implement innovative solutions to real business challenges by combining competencies from different fields and working closely with the company.
Get innovative solutions from the brightest young minds
108 companies have participated in Demola Latvia, including:
What is DEMOLA?
The company or organization submits a challenge for the team of students to solve. Demola provides assistance in developing the direction and content of the challenge.
Team of 5 students
An interdisciplinary and multicultural team of students is selected from various Latvian universities. On average 5 students apply for a spot in the team. At least one student in the team is from abroad, so the whole program is in English.
12-week intense work
An approach based on design thinking methods with the active participation of the company and the opportunity to influence the final solution. The team receives a mentor, a budget for prototyping, and facilitator guidance.
Solution developed by students
The solution is presented to the company. It is based on research and validation of the idea. The company can decide to purchase the solution form the team and implement it in real-life.
What are the benefits of participating in Demola?
  • 1
    An opportunity to work together with the best Latvian students in the implementation of innovative projects - an average of 5 students apply for one place in the team, and the company has the opportunity to influence who will be selected in the team.
  • 2
    An opportunity to continue cooperation with the best students after the end of the project. A valuable opportunity to position yourself as a good employer and an innovation-oriented company.
  • 3
    The student teams receive a ERDF-funded scholarship of up to € 4,000 per season. (i.e. € 200 / month for a student, € 228 / doctoral student)
  • 4
    Each team has a budget, up to € 2,596, for idea validation and prototyping within the ERDF project, which is a valuable tool for idea development and testing.
  • 5
    The team receives the support of experienced facilitators, mentors, and expert advice, as well as a proven and effective 12-week Demola program.
Feedback from DEMOLA partner companies
Kaspars Cikmačs
Member of the Board of "Latvenergo"
The Latvenergo Group, in cooperation with Latvian universities, regularly engages in projects that promote education. The project "Demola Latvia" can be considered a successful example of cooperation. It allows students to showcase their talents in solving challenges and gain new knowledge. On the other hand, creative ideas flow into the company, which helps to promote and innovate products required by the public interest. Although the Demola Latvia project took place during the coronavirus (Covid-19), Latvenergo was able to continue working with the university and students to complete the project. We recommend other companies to get involved in the future seasons of Demola Latvia.
Ilona Bukša
Head of Marketing Department at "Forevers"
How do young people see us? What do they want to buy? What should the product look like? These are just some of the issues we discussed together. The millennial view on problems and business in general was the main value we gained by participating in the "Demola Latvia" project
Jana Palavinska
"Conexus Baltic Grid" information technology development department IT project manager
In the project "Demola Latvia" we saw an opportunity to attract new specialists who are open to creative ideas, are not afraid of challenges and are ready to look at the task from different angles. The project participants pleasantly surprised the specialists of JSC «Conexus Baltic Grid» with their communication skills and understanding of the task. The result is gratifying - we have come up with new ideas, their solutions.
Graphic user interface (GUIs)
In order to ensure the availability of a full range of products on store shelves, the daily processing and analysis of large amounts of initial data need to be carried out. It was necessary to develop a "user-friendly" data processing tool to perform this work effectively.


A new user interface (GUI) was developed for the file in which MAXIMA employees perform data analysis, and it was automated. VBA code was created that updates the data in an excel file without user assistance, as well as new panels/pages were created that summarized previously scattered information and presented in a more attractive and interactive way.
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